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Digimon Card Game Beginning Observer (BT16) boosterpack

Digimon Card Game Beginning Observer (BT16) boosterpack

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Beginning Observer (BT16) includes the new characters Lui Ohwada and Ukkomon from the movie DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 THE BEGINNING- . Familiar characters such as Davis Motomiya and Veemon from Digimon Adventure 02 round out this set! Plus, the Digimon and Tamers from Seekers are once again included in this set! More cards related to Pulsemon's digivolutions have been added, and the lineup includes the first Digimon card of Shroudmon.

1 boosterpack contains 12 cards

This set contains 107 cards:

  • 40 common cards
  • 26 uncommon cards
  • 22 rare cards
  • 12 super rare cards
  • 3 secret rare cards
  • 4 special cards
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